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10 Ways to Make Your friend’s Stag Do Party Unforgettable

10 Ways to Make Your friend’s Stag Do Party Unforgettable

You can use a Stag Do party to show love to your best friend. However, you need to do some planning for this occasion, because last thing that you want is to see him disappointed.

There are several ways through which you can make your friend’s stag party worthwhile. To reach such a feat, below are some of the things to do:

#1 Choose an interesting destination

Choose an interesting destination

This is the time to surprise your friend to the best of your ability. You can do so by proposing a visit to an amazing destination. Fortunately, there are numerous of cool destinations and one of these interesting places certainly is Krakow. You should capitalize on the things to do in Krakow Stag do to have amazing time.

#2 Pleasure Toys

Unexpected gifts like sex toys have a special place in stag parties. They easily raise the mood during stag parties. Furthermore, these toys provide a better way of teasing the groom. You can use this approach in giving your friend an unforgettable stag party. It never disappoints.

#3 Touchy speech

You can use this event to talk about your friend hip with the groom. Do a recap on some of your crazy memories. Besides, affirm your love towards your friend. This will be highly be appreciated by the groom.

#4 Surprise him with a gift

It is the best time to give your friend one of the most valuable gifts. You can draw ideas from some of the things he is passionate about. If it is sports, get him a unique sporting gear for his favorite sport.

#5 Dress code

Showcase your great taste of fashion in this event. Your outfit should display the highest level of design. Automatically, it will capture the attention of every person in this event.

#6 Suggest interesting stag activities

Propose activities that are completely packed with fun. Every person should feel lively when taking part in them. This will indeed create an unforgettable stag weekend that is deprived of boredom.

#7 Be there for your friend

Sometimes stag activities like drinking spree might turn nasty. It will attract fights and unwarranted injuries. In the event of such occurrences, it is good to be there for your friend.

#8 Help out in planning

Come to the aid of your friend in terms of planning and organizing the event. You can lend a helping hand in arranging the venue or organizing guests. It is a way of showcasing love for a friend.

#9 Prepare a presentation

You can also take part in the entertainment area. This is through staging a unique presentation. It can be a song or poem in line with the theme of the stag party. Make it as unique and amazing as possible. It will go a long way to spicing up the stag party.

#10 Display the best self during the party

Despite being a weekend full of fun, there are some boundaries that should not be crossed. Be presentable, show respect to your friend and don’t get too wasted. Besides your help over organisation of the party, this is a second best thing you can do.


Friendship means being concerned about each other. This can be displayed in the case of a stag party. Through giving your friend the best Stag do party ever.

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