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Bangkok Sightseeing and Attractions

Bangkok Sightseeing and Attractions

If you are planning on a trip to Thailand, make sure that you plan well in advance regarding your exact itinerary. There are a whole lot of aspects to Bangkok that can not be fit in one night. Just roaming around the city in flip flops, taking in the various sights, is one of the most fun things to do. There are a great number of refreshing locales, such as the tranquil riverside, as well as the markets here. The temples here are definitely not to be missed, housing magnificent giant golden Buddha. The modern side of the city can be observed in the sky scrapers and the infrastructure here. Bangkok sightseeing and things to do can also include a trip to the (in) famous entertainment district here and even Bangkok Culinary Journey trip.

A Bangkok sightseeing trip has a number of elements that make it such a rewarding activity. Make sure you get a taste of the attractions that are related to culture, history and religion. The Buddhist temples here house huge golden statues of Buddha. It is important to make sure that you observe the various rules of etiquette while you are in Bangkok, as there are a number of things that Thai people would consider offensive that you could do quite inadvertently, such as touching people on their head, which is frowned upon. It is also important to note that no matter however tall you are, always make sure that you keep your head below any statue of Buddha in any room you are in. In addition to this, make sure that you never try to climb any statue of Buddha when you are in the temples.

Bangkok has been described as a sheer visual extravaganza. There are a whole number of attractions in the city that make Bangkok sightseeing so rewarding, and these are inclusive of the numerous ornate temples, the numerous monuments and landmarks, the river markets and canal rides, as well as the various amusement parks and zoos here.

There is also the pulsating nightlife, which when night falls, gets into sizzling action. There are innumerous girlie bars in the city that have electronic blasting, as well as a huge number of gourmet restaurants serving Heavenly Tai cuisine. Dining is a celebrated activity in Bangkok, from the street restaurants to the fine dining establishments. There are gastronomic delights that include such specialties as the likes of fried insects and reptiles, curries, noodles, fruits and a number of other succulent dishes.

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