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Benagil Sea Cave Tour from Portimao

Benagil Sea Cave Tour from Portimao

The sea caves found on the cost of the Portugal are very different from rest of the natural sea caves found in other countries. May of these caves is not accessible by humans due to it is below the sea. The Benagil sea cave in Portimao is accessible by boat, beach and swimming. Benagil sea cave tour by a boat is the safe and the best for all tourists. Benagil caves from Portimao are the best to book for its proximity. A timely booking of Bengali Cave tour is best for the international tourist to avoid the boat hour rush.

Things to do in Benagil Cave Tour

Sun Bath – You can take sunbath, if the seawater is away from the cave. The sunbath through the dome will give you a different experience in the mid day. You can take sunbath near to its beaches too. The sea remains calm for many hours. It will be better to take sunbath, if you know to swim well in the seawater.

PhotographyYou can take videos, photos and the latest selfie in and outside the Bengali sea caves. There are more than 20-caves, which you can visit in a Bengali Cave tour within 1-hour 30-minutes. You can soon update on your social media network and show the status of your Portugal adventure tour. You can edit them with the latest photo software and give wonderful titles and frames on the photos.


Swimming is possible inside and outside the sea caves, when the seawater is silent. It is advisable to get advice from the captain of your boat, do swimming for few minutes, and get back on your boat. It is advisable to go for swimming if you know to swim in the seawater. The water temperature varies in a minute, and you must not swim in that changing condition.

You must check with your tour pack for the adventure activities allowed in Portmiao. You must ensure they give you the necessary safety gears while taking the boat ride to Benagil caves. It is advisable to book your Benagil tour with the top rated boat tour operator in Portmiao.

How to reach Benagil Cave

You can get here by road and train from Lisbon, which is around 270-KMs. The best way to reach faster is to alight at Portimao Airport.  From Portimao Airport, it is just 20-minutes drive to Benagil Cave. Most of the Bengali Cave tour boats start from the Portimao Mariana. Its coordinates are 37° 05′ 12.4” North and 8° 25′ 25.6” West.

The Bengali Cave tour is the best to take tour by the kayak, traditional boat, speedboat and pedal boat. These boats are available on rental basis. Portugal is a tourist friendly nation. The best time to visits Benagil sea caves is from May to October. You can complete the cave ride in a one-day tour to Portugal. You must book your boat in advance such that you will not get disappointed in the last hour rush in Portmiao to visit the natural sea caves of Benagil.

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