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Fine Opportunities for the Proper Taxi Transfers

Fine Opportunities for the Proper Taxi Transfers

When you make a reservation, it is recorded on our system. One day before the road, you will receive a SMS message to the mobile number you provided when booking.In the message you will get the time of departure to the airport, which you can specify yourself. This time can be corrected for up to 30 minutes depending on the time of other passengers.

At the specified time your driver will be at your address and the transfer may begin. If the driver cannot contact you, and you are not in a previously agreed place, you will be waiting for 5 minutes and then go to the next address and your transfer is done. With the Rome airport taxi transfers this is the best deal now.

  • By the way, the driver will receive other passengers, but only on the logical route you are going to the airport.
  • Travel time will not be much longer than traveling directly, but it will happen that you are the only traveler on that trip.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, the driver will bring you to the incoming platform from where you can easily access the check-in rooms for air tickets and luggage.

To return from the airport?

The day before your arrival, at 20:00 local time in Belgrade, you will receive a SMS message as a confirmation that we are waiting for you the next day. If you receive a SMS message and the next day you do not come to Belgrade, reply to a SMS message and let us know the exact date and time of your return.

  • When you land at the airport, call your driver waiting for you at the airport, and whose number you received in a SMS message, he is ready and waiting for you to transfer.
  • The meeting place is also the place where you entered the airport building while you were leaving.

When all the passengers from your transfer gather, the transfer starts, the same logical route to your address. Departure is at the latest 20 minutes from your departure to the upper level of the airport or at least 45 minutes from your departure from the airport in case your plane has been delayed for more than 30 minutes.

What else do you need to know?

  • No matter how late you are, we are waiting for you to leave the plane.
  • They are not a taxi service but a travel agency that sells airline tickets and individual travel arrangements and carries out transfer operations to the airport in order to offer its passengers a complete service.
  • Children up to 2 years of age do not pay for transport unless the number of passengers exceeds 4, so a larger vehicle is required.
  • For passengers who arrive at the bus or railway station in Belgrade, the same offer for transportation to the airport is valid.

The drivers are uniform, culturally friendly, and will always help you get your airport transfer in the best position.Jumbo travel vehicles are the latest generation, always clean, right, branded, equipped with a WIFI device, so you always know what you can count on.

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