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How spinner luggages and packing cubes change your travel experience

luggages and packing cubes change your travel experience

Ever had to climb up airport escalators with your good ‘ole luggage bag, but suddenly panic and get the wheels stuck somewhere in the steps? And suddenly, you feel the eyes of the people behind you burning into the back of your skull… Fortunately, your bags don’t have to mess your life up anymore— spinner luggages are here to save the day.

Spinner luggages are basically the same wheeled bags you bring while traveling to buses and planes and long car trips, except much easier to carry around thanks to the 4 wheels they have. They require less effort to pull thanks to the extra 2 wheels, so if you’re running late for a flight, you’re doing yourself a favor with the spinner luggage you got for yourself.

Other than that, you can also easily strap an extra bag, such as a laptop bag on top of the spinner luggage. Doing this on regular 2-wheel luggage bags makes wheeling them around so much harder, but because you can wheel spinner luggage by your side, this is no longer a problem. Another good thing is that you can effortlessly walk through tight aisles in the buses and planes because you can drag your bag sideways, instead of having to force your 2-wheeled bag through the aisle.

To add to the convenience of using spinner luggages, packing cubes also exist to make your life easier. Packing cubes look great and contribute to the overall neatness of your luggage, but these will infinitely make your packing experience better as well. It’s always a matter of fitting all your stuff into your luggage bags to make sure you don’t have to lug more bags, but trying to utilize every millimeter of space in your bag sometimes comes at the cost of organization.

Using packing cubes helps you keep your belongings compact. This means every bit of free space is used up and you get your luggage bag’s worth. Keeping your clothes compact also means less wrinkles on them since there’s not much room for the clothing articles to move around. These cubes are usually perfect fits for your luggage bags— no need to force one cube to fit just to fill an empty space!

Along with maximizing all your space, another perk of using packing cubes is easy access to all your things. You can organize clean clothes into one pack, dirty clothes in the other, and toiletries in another one. This saves you from the fuss of having to search far and wide within your bag just to find a missing sock because everything’s neatly organized into cubes. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be using packing cubes already— shelling out a few bucks to purchase a few will revolutionize your packing.

Traveling has becoming more of a breeze thanks to newfound solutions to problems we didn’t even know existed. Your perfect trip is just around the corner thanks to the hassle-free travel convenience presented to us by both spinner luggages and packing cubes.

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