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In Jamaica, Golden Eye, Ian Fleming’s haven

In Jamaica, Golden Eye, Ian Fleming's haven

In Jamaica, producer Chris Blackwell bought the home of Ian Fleming, the author who created the character James Bond, and made it a luxurious resort.

In a dream setting, a little piece of paradise. In Jamaica, a country he cherishes, producer Chris Blackwell bought Ian Fleming’s home 11 years after the creator of James Bond’s death in 1976, and developed it into a hotel with 49 villas. Cabins and cottages where guests can enjoy an exceptional setting located about twenty minutes from Ocho Rios, on the north-east coast of the island. Ian Fleming had been sent there by order of the Royal Navy, who wanted to discover during the Second World War if the Nazis had managed to send boats in the area.

In 2013, three years after the launch of the aptly named GoldenEye, Chris Blackwell explained, “My philosophy is to try to open this country to the world, to encourage people to mix with locals in bars and restaurants. to better discover their way of life, their culture, their music. They only have forty years of music behind them. But wherever you are in the world, you listen to English, American and Jamaican music. It’s crazy what such a small island can produce as its! In short, these hotels carry an inheritance and, for it lasts, one must know how to think in the long term. ”

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And among this luxurious complex is a pearl: Villa Fleming, original house where are always present memories of the author of the saga James Bond. Concealed on a separate plot, this house features a private beach, a private pool and lush gardens, setting in which the days of 007 are born. For the lucky guests who will be able to stay and enjoy total peace and quiet, GoldenEye has a team of staff – a cook, a maid and a butler. It can accommodate, with its three bedrooms and as many bathrooms and two independent cottages, ten people, who can also enjoy the facilities of the hotel, such as restaurants and spa.

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