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Most Luxurious Hotels of Shanghai

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Shanghai is a wonderful place for China. So, you may be quite interested in visiting this place, either for making a travel or for your job. Looking for Shanghai hotel? So, the place you stay is a matter of concern. Introducing to you one of the most luxurious hotel the Regal Hotels, Shanghai.


Regal hotels are an emblem of Heritage for a long time. It has been well known since the year 1979. These are very luxurious in their form and are one of the most appreciated one by the tourists. The extraordinary services in the form of the hotel rooms, the cuisine to all the other amnesties, these hotels prove their best. Regal hotels are one of the best in Shanghai with about 10000 rooms and 90 restaurants um bar system. It is such a luxurious hotel that it has found acclaim not only in Shanghai but also in Hong Kong. You can book any room in the hotel with a starting price of INR5658. The hotel is situated in the Sichuan Province of Shanghai. The hotels under this Luxurious group of Hotels include Regal International, East Asia hotel, Regal Jinfeng Hotel, Regal Plaza and Residence, the Asia hotel. You can book any of the hotels just by logging on to


You no longer have to hover here & there because you are looking for Shanghai hotel. This is quite simple, the service is online. You just need to log on to the website and select your destination, your hotel, the number of rooms you will need and all the other details. You can also book your delicacies and tables online or you may apply for the same when you reach the hotel.


The hotel is one of the most gorgeous one in its form and has the following features.

It is a 4-star hotel in Shanghai.

It has a free Wi-Fi service throughout the day.

The rooms are of the types- standard, Deluxe. The rooms can be chosen with the reference to the view you want.

There is a Regency Club in which you can spend the most auspicious moments with your family or friends.

There is also a gym service which can be accessed at any time of the day.

The other hotels that are the best in the Regal group of Hotels include the Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel which is also a 4-star hotel with additional facilities of Posh Hotel with dining facilities, a swimming pool,and a gym. Regal Plaza Hotel & residence and Regal International East Asia hotels are special because these are 5-star hotels. The later has an additional facility of a Chic hotel with 2 restaurants and a café. All the hotels that come under the regal group can prove to be the best one to spend an awesome holiday. Book a room as soon as possible. The service of the hotel is such pleasing one that it will give you a perfect homely environment and provide you with all the best facilities.

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