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Must-have services in a Botique Hotel in Chiang Mai

Botique Hotel in Chiang Mai

There are a lot of hotels around the globe that will come with the label of five star but their services won’t match it. Whenever you are planning to stay in a boutique hotel in Chiang Mai, there are certain things that you should consider before you finalize your place of stay. These little things help in differentiating between a good and a bad hotel and you should never overlook it.

Having authority around

Whenever you are in a good hotel, you will always see a general manager or a resident manager in the surroundings. They are there to help you out if you face and issue and make it certain that your queries are addressed instantly and any problem you might be facing is resolved on urgent basis. So, you feel a little more comfortable and you know that there is a door you can knock whenever an issue arises.

Intelligent and spirited staff

Such hotels are very selective when we talking about picking the staff. They tend to hire individuals that are emotionally intelligent and have a high spirit. You will always find them with a smile on their face and greeting your happily. The sense of priority and attention to detail makes them different from regular hotel staff.

Simple check in and out

These hotels know that your time is highly valuable and you won’t have to stand there for long whenever you are proceeding with check-in and check-out. They have simple mechanism and you won’t have to do much than to sign on a certain paper as you can reach your room or go out.

Privacy and security

There are times when you will see individuals being called by their names in a hotel. Well, it is always good for staff to know your name and call you by it whenever you are standing face to face. However, calling your name out in public areas such as lounge may make you feel uncomfortable and make your presence known to someone whom you don’t want to tell and it can lead to some security issues. So, these hotels are extra careful with the privacy and security of individuals.

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