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My konos, the odyssey of the trendy

My konos, the odyssey of the trendy

After Cap Ferret and Dubai and before Ibiza, Paris Match continues its journey on the beaches that make you dream. Mykonos Greek rival of Ibiza, six times smaller than the Spanish island, has become one of the most popular spots of summer clubbing.

On waking, mineral water infused with a mint leaf, and nothing else. To get dressed, a Bikini under a poncho in cotton gauze woven by hand. It is eleven o’clock, it is dawn in Mykonos. At the wheel of a Jeep, Gwen, a 25-year-old French woman, follows the Vrysi road. At the Marenga Milk Bar, we drink green juice for breakfast, a tasteless blend of celery, spinach and kiwi. “It detoxifies,” says the server. Otherwise, there are gluten-free cakes. To believe that in Greece the feta disappeared. The morning continues at the end of the world, “Alemagou” in Greek, a beach all the way north of the island, wilder. Sand, surrounded by rocky cliffs, and the sea constantly strewn with white foam as the wind blows hard here. Gwen finds a whole band there. We jump on our necks shouting “Heyyyy !!! »: the American embrace is so much warmer than the French wind … More photogenic, too; before noon, the noisy reunion is immortalized and published on Facebook.

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A mattress two places and a parasol for 70 euros (a reasonable price compared to those of the beach of Psarou), Gwen settles and tells in a cheerful tone: “I used to go to Saint-Tropez, but I stopped when the DJs started to speak Russian in the microphone. She works in events and lives in the United States: “But, the Hamptons, it goes two seconds … What I like in Mykonos is the art of living in California. Either days spent on the most remote coast, where you surf in kites, far from the crowds. The corner of the island she recommends? “Kalafatis. It’s the Williamsburg of Mykonos. No, the Astoria of Mykonos! She talks about neighborhoods in New York where the young bourgeois migrate in search of moderate rents and organic groceries. Mykonos also has its sores, lovers of vegetarian meals. As in Farma, where one sits “to connect, to become a family,” specifies, without a joke, the host who offers traditional pita and vegetable garden. “From the farm to the plate,” we read on the front of similar restaurants that forget to say that nothing is grown on these so arid lands, and that everything is important.

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In Alemagou, lunchtime is never before 3 pm, on cushions, around wooden tables. A blonde and tanned DJ mixes between jazz and Hindu rhythms. Quinoa salad, grilled octopus, crab and salmon marinated on the plate. No need to search for moussaka on the map. On the other hand, there are philosophical-weak messages: “People’s memories are the fuel they burn to stay alive”, “submerge yourself in full consciousness” or “the soul is porous, always expanding” . Taz, the dog of one of the owners, prowls and begs for remains. There are few, everything is excellent. Gwen introduces Andreas, who opened the establishment on the ruins of an old tavern, with two friends from Athens. The trio in a hoodie manages 75 employees, from May to September. They are in their thirties,

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On the beach, Gwen meets Emily, a model friend from Chicago. The tall blonde has a blow of blues, a good soul rolls a joint to help him dry his tears. At the water’s edge, many have their measurements and the same job. Men work in finance in London or Geneva; most “do business” in advertising, real estate, the Web. Some come there from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to celebrate a bachelor party, many of their knights servants celebrate the resale of their start-up or an “app” they have just created in Mexico City. A swim and it’s already time to order a cocktail, that Gwen sips by asking an essential question: where to go to see the sun go down? The answer is obvious: at Scorpios,

Here, the holidays are called “rituals” or “community events”, commercial recycling of hippie ideals …

Here, the holidays are called “rituals” or “community events”, commercial recycling of ideals hippies … There are hammocks, Moroccan rugs and a kind of agora turned towards the sea, where one lights a big fire when the wind falls. The sound rises as the sun disappears. We breathe incense, faceted balls are installed, the girls begin to dance. The hook-style crochet dress appears to be the uniform, feathers are often stitched into the hair. This new must-see place in Mykonos was opened by two Germans and thought of as “an experience”, says Fish, a seasonal worker from Mauritius, responsible for the “customer experience”.

“We can accommodate up to 1,500 people,” he continues. The decor changes every day, we produce every evening as a show. The artistic director, Alexandre, is French. He comes to the island since he was a child. DJ, he is working this summer at Scorpios for the first time: “This is the best place on the island, with Berlin influences for music and Mexican for decoration. On the beach, in the restaurant, in the walls, everything is quality, we seek excellence. And it’s open, with lots of space. ”

From g. to dr. : Vagelis, Andreas and Harry. The three Athenian friends opened an eight-year-old restaurant-bar on Alemagou Beach, the most fashionable place of the moment.© Capucine Granier-Deferre / Paris Match

But the toilets are small, which has the advantage of allowing exchanges: “The Greek maids are nice,” says a Dutch model to a Cypriot who agrees. “Which country is Cyprus in? She questions. Here, there is no physiognomist, nor entrance ticket to pay. The glass of alcohol costs about ten euros and there are about forty in the restaurant; nothing excessive. On the dance floor, millionaires, whose yachts are anchored in the bay, meet female students who have come on a scooter. We love the same techno rhythms and we take the same drugs, ecstasy or MDMA. This is the success of Scorpios, the mix of genres in an exceptional setting and the marketing of zen, cool, peace and love. Gwen can dance there until closing.

Millionaires, whose yachts moor in the bay, meet female students who came to scoot

The most fortunate then return to their villas, some palaces rented up to 25,000 euros a day by the luxury concierge Magnificent. His boss, the smiling Ioannis, knows the island by heart: “The real luxury is to live the moment. If the natural and the biological worry people today, then it becomes a luxury. His clients are entrepreneurs, footballers, singers or actors who come almost all from the US East Coast, Israel and France. “For two years, we have been asked to provide gluten-free meals, mass-healers, yogi masters …”

There are less eccentric whims, such as this ramp that had to be installed in a pool for a puppy to swim in, or this dinner organized by helicopter. That night, the most popular party is in Alemagou, where a Berlin duo is performing. Gwen is there, of course, in silk kimono. A shirtless young man with felt pens in his hand offers to draw on his face. ” Where do you come from ? He is questioned. “From everywhere,” answers the artist. The wind blows and the whole beach dances, a crowd of white and heterosexual globetrotters, hedonists in transit, necklaces of flowers around the neck and Gold card in the wallet. The new Mykonos.

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