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Philippe Meyers Braine L’Alleud

Philippe Meyers Braine L'Alleud

Living in Liège, it was quite difficult for me to come to Brussels and the BW very often, but that … it was before! I must admit that I was very scared of traffic jams and “crazy people”! Since I work in Zaventem, I admit that it’s much better. Certainly, I’m always afraid of “Fangio” but I learned to tame them (trying not to roll like them). Then … I’m definitely closer now.

To me the excellent tables of the capital and surroundings! You

This time, it’s in the Brabant Wallon, at the Michelin-starred chef Philippe Meyers that I take you.

Why discover this address?

Philippe Meyers, it’s a whole: the charm of service provided by Valérie the chef’s wife, the welcoming and intimate place, without forgetting the delicate and generous cuisine of the chef which I will speak to you immediately.

To your bibs, you will salivate!

If you do not know it yet, I’m a real gourmand . So you can imagine that when I saw “lobster-foie gras menu” , I could not resist …

Before you say more, I slip some pictures!

Appetizers: Fourme D’Ambert crème brûlée; sea ​​bream tartar, citrus and lemon cream; an absolutely delicious “je ne sais plus” and a gazpacho embellished with a basil espuma

Ravioli of duck foie gras, strong lobster juice, Espelette peppers

Half-lobster snack, quinoa, lemon verbena, light cream of foie gras and Armagnac 

The cheese plate 

If I had to take only one plate?

It may seem simple but I had a real crush on lobster cappuccino ! Be careful, it’s not just any “cappuccino”, it was accompanied by foie gras and an Arabica foam. I have rarely tasted a plate as well balanced and with such a fair seasoning. This association with arabica: neither too much nor too little dosage … A real wonder!

As you probably guess by discovering these clichés, it is not a fickle kitchen to the millimeter, illegible plate as there are products and where we forget the product. It’s quite the opposite. There is a hyper-controlled, readable and gourmet cuisine with delicate flavors.

To avoid spoiling, they offer an attractive wine selection that is out of the ordinary. Special mention for the natural rosé wine of Agnès and René Mosse amazing finesse and balance.

Regarding the prices we are in a reasonable and justified range: 25 € for a 3-course lunch and 80 € for the lobster and foie gras menu in 6 courses. It’s promised, no bad surprises.

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