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The 20 most beautiful beaches in Europe in 2017

The 20 most beautiful beaches in Europe in 2017

Discover in pictures the ranking of the 20 most beautiful beaches in Europe, established by the Internet users.

The TripAdvisor tourist tips website has published its ranking of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Netizens felt that the most beautiful of all was in the city of San Sebastián, Spain. Called Concha Beach, this beach located on the Basque coast in the Bay of Biscay is a delight for city dwellers, who can enjoy more than one kilometer of sand throughout the year. “The iconic spot to truly discover the city. Beautifully maintained: flowers, lights, sculptures … we absolutely cross the entire population of the city whether it is local or passing. And then the view is absolutely superb all over the bay of San Sebastian. Be careful, however, of the pretty strong tides here, “wrote one of them, conquered.

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Elafonissi beach, located on the iconic Greek island of the same name, and the Côte des Basques, housed in Biarritz, also attracted voters since they felt they should be on the second and third place of the podium . But in general, it is the Greek and Spanish coasts that have the most coast. In the top 20, there are indeed five beaches in Greece and five beaches in Spain.

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In Paris Match, we had a heart for the Las Catedrales (15 th  ranking), located in the city of Ribadeo (Lugo province in Spain), which is overlooked by magnificent cliffs. At low tide, it is possible to walk between them to observe the sea caves formed by erosion. The other favorite internet sites are to be discovered in the slideshow.

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