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The Hostellerie Prieure Saint Gery, Beaumont

The Hostellerie Prieure Saint Gery, Beaumont

The generous expression of the true

Whenever I book at the Hostellerie le Prieuré Saint Géry, I feel like I’m 8 years old and I’m delighted to rediscover Disney.

Unfortunately, I can not go there as often as I wish but it is always a pleasure to return to this extraordinary house and take the time to talk with the chef.

For me, it is honestly the romantic place par excellence. To be honest, I even suggested to my companion to ask me in marriage there (what a pressure!)!

Huge highlight of the establishment: it is possible to sleep on site in comfortable rooms whose decoration respects the spirit of the place.

For the rest, I will leave you the pleasure of the discovery. I will not reveal everything to you either!

From the kitchen point of view, you will be treated to classic French cuisine like Vincent Gardinal. For me, it means everything: a kitchen executed to perfection, subtle and delicate where the greed has, more than ever, its place!

Although I fell in love with the whole menu, I will focus on three plates that I’m dying to describe you!

Let’s start with the turbot and its sabayon with super-amazing shallots! A fish with perfect cooking, a gourmet sabayon and full of flavors that are not expected, pleasant textures … What I love above all is the sincere generosity of Vincent Gardinal. The jars of sauce remain at the table, the products are served in real portions …

To continue with my favorite plates, we remain in gluttony with pan-fried foie gras.

I loved the combination of products and the variety of textures on the plate: the creaminess of foie gras, the delicately sweet side of apricot and cherry, the surprise of pig’s knuckle and the punch of celery . A real success as well in the marriage of flavors as in that of textures.

The biggest favorite is the main dish: the pigeon!

I think that the photo speaks for itself: a product of considerable quality, perfect cooking, products generously prepared and a beautiful plate full of colors.

It’s typically the kind of plate I like in a place like this. Once again, we are right, there is no cheating in the chef’s kitchen. The products are meticulously chosen for what they are, not to make associations with a crumb of this or that, we have real nice pieces of pigeon, sauce at will … We are here to treat us and it is see in the plate!

You’ll understand, here we do not go out hungry!

I would also like to emphasize the kindness and the great professionalism of the young team in the room. One thing is for sure, it will do everything to make you have an unforgettable time.

Price point of view, if you are reasonable, you can get away from 38 € for a 3-course menu. By cons, for the more adventurous, I recommend the gourmet walk in 6 services for 95 €.

An expense clearly justified by the quality of the service!

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