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Top 5: Countries to discover in Europe in 2016

Top 5 Countries to discover in Europe in 2016

Europe is full of destinations that are just as breathtaking as they are relaxing. In addition to the classic Spanish and Greek coasts, here are five destinations to really discover in Europe, far from tourists and huge budgets.

1. Georgia
Its churches, its cobblestone streets and its invasive nature will charm you … Georgia still little visited is one of the countries of the East of Europe containing the most surprises. In summer, the greenery ignites on the blanks of the high mountains and the turquoise lakes refresh you. The capital, Tbilisi itself perched in the center of a valley but also Vardzia choose for historical and cultural visits. For adventurers, the beaches of big white and gray pebbles and the fabulous mountain ranges delight the eyes. And to relax after long days of walking in a warm climate, the largest vineyards in the country will offer you a wine of great quality.

2. Montenegro 
Enclosed in the balkan barrier, Montenegro is an increasingly popular destination. Its landscapes between mountains and turquoise waters offer all kinds of activities whether aquatic or terrestrial. The hikes are very popular there and the beaches also whose fine sand is appreciable on a limpid adriatic sea. Its mineral and warm architecture at once gives an impression of village intimacy on the mountain side.

3. Sicily (Italy)
Far from the Neapolitan and Roman agitation, Sicily stands out in the Mediterranean Sea with its arid cliffs. This island is home to both Greek temples, oriental gardens, churches and castles of hundreds of years. Marker of a mixture of civilizations around, Sicily offers a discovery of every moment in a fabulous natural setting. Stuffed with secret coves, it will allow you to relax also in an Olympian calm.

4. Croatia on the islands
Beyond the coast of Dubrovnik, where a large part of the episode of the Game of Thrones  phenomenon takes place , Croatia is full of other more intimate treasures far from crowded tourist streets. Croatia is not only continental. It has 698 islands of which 47 are inhabited. The opportunity to discover the wildest to the most bling bling; the Croatian islands are the new places to discover in Europe. Cres is very little visited. Yet it contains the most wild and bushy landscapes. Endowed with a green flora, it borders coves with turquoise waters and the relaxing intimacy. Kornati also offers remarkable landscapes mostly arid almost desert …

5. France (Auvergne)
France is very coveted on its seashore during the holidays. Yet some regions hide real treasures. Auvergne is one of them. Its chain of volcanoes is a true invitation to the mountain adventure. Lovers of hiking and green landscapes will appreciate this mountain rich in reliefs and rivers, and forests.

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