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Top 5: Destinations to discover in Asia in 2016

Top 5 Destinations to discover in Asia in 2016

Asia is full of landscapes just as breathtaking as they are heavenly. In addition to the crowded beaches of Thailand, here are the five destinations to discover in Asia, far from the tourist circuits, in the heart of fabulous surprises.

1. Burma

Also called Myanmar, Burma has a very rich culture and nature. Between temples, tropical forests and heavenly beaches, this border country of Thailand offers an exotic journey away from crowded beaches. In a sometimes confusing atmosphere, places of pilgrimage like the rock hanging on Mount Kyaikto are so many places that you can visit after you have laze on Ngapali beach. The country also has 3,000 pagodas, traditional Asian construction with Indian origins whose gilding and bas-reliefs captivate the eye.

2. Philippines

Manila, capital of Philippines is well known for its sulphurous character. This city nevertheless reserves some surprises through its churches, its museums but also its global architecture oscillating between modernity and Asian tradition. The mountain tour will allow you to meet the tribes and other small remote villages. Notorious hospitality, they offer a real adventure in the heart of Philippine culture. Beach side the Palawan Islands or Coron float in the heart of turquoise waters and plunge us into a paradise landscape

3. Nepal

A time nicknamed “The Abode of the Gods”, Nepal is a legend in an Asia always in search of modernity. This mountainous territory alternates between shimmering greenery, fascinating rivers and snow-capped mountains. The spirit of the country is felt immediately and will please the curious to discover the most secret jewels. Nepal was born Buddha and still houses the only living goddess in the world. Divinities, kings, queens, giants and other demons, this place is marked by a singularity that will take you beyond the sublime landscapes. Lovers of hiking and great treks will particularly appreciate this territory where the Himalayas chain extends up to 8,850 m of altitude.

4. Taiwan

Far from confining itself to its role as a new workshop of the world, Taiwan is full of sublime Buddhist and Taoist temples, a sign of a desire to preserve the Chinese traditions imposed by the past. The population is very attached to the expression in all its forms: calligraphy, singing, dance but also martial arts are as much practical as it is not rare to see practiced in Taiwan. Out of the hustle and bustle of cities, the mountains curl in a damp fog. Dense rice fields, volcanoes and other spectacular waterfalls are available to all curious in search of natural adventures.

5. Malaysia

The capital of Malaysia is a must-see on the circuit. Its modern architecture contains sumptuous museums of Islamic art. Between them stand tall and majestic mosques whose fame is international. The islands are a real haven of peace in the heart of a wild jungle and sandy beach. The turquoise waters offer diving fans true colorful adventures.

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