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Top 5 Gyms for Travellers in Amsterdam

Top 5 Gyms for Travellers in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with underwater canals, museums,and cafes. It is a lively city which has modernized as well as ancient structures and buildings. If you are on a holiday and traveling to Amsterdam, you will definitely need some gym for physical fitness. You cannot just skip the routine exercises and workouts if you want a perfectly shaped figure. On a fresh morning in the midst of pleasant weather of Amsterdam, it is really a nice experience to go in the gym. There are some of the best gyms for travelers in Amsterdam which are as under:

  1. Palestra Sports

On number 1, it is Palestra Sports which is one of the best gyms for travelers in Amsterdam. With all the latest accessories and fitness equipment, this gym is a favorite place of all the travelers. It offers a short-term membership where the travelers can opt for. Many women who are traveling to Amsterdam come to this gym for zero size figure and slim bodies. There are also many other sessions being conducted here such as Yoga, Zumba, Circuit training,and Pilates. This gym has the options of personal training and group training as well. The fitness experts make sure that each person gets an ideal training here.

  1. Kensho Premium

The next on the list is Kensho Premium which is an amazing gym for travelers and businessmen. The interior of the gym makes it a perfect place for exercises. You can either choose the option of individual training or group training. Kensho Premium allows the training of persons from the age 5 to 85. There are daypasses and even the monthly pass for the convenience of the travelers who are for few days in the city. The location and background of this gym are so lovely that you will not miss even a day without the workouts.

  1. Ettaki Gym

Located in the heart of the city, Ettaki Gym is a good fitness club in Amsterdam. It has some of the best professional fitness trainers who make the gym experience more enjoyable. There are many training programs for both the beginners and advanced learners. The rates are affordable and the modernized fitness equipment is placed in this fitness club for the comfort of those who join the gym. You can choose the pass for the day, week or month depending on the period of time you stay in the city. The professional fitness trainers will encourage you to spend more time in the gym. Do try it once.

  1. Cardio Fitness

Cardio Fitness is a fitness center located in the western part of the city. It also has boxing training sessions. There are 2 boxing rings in this gym for practicing boxing. Even the group training lessons are provided by fitness experts here. The travelers, as well as locals, come here for exercises and workouts. They can take a pass for days, weeks or month. It is a wonderful gym where young, old and teenagers come together for a perfect gym time.

  1. The Temple

The last one on the list is the Temple Fitness which is a fitness center. This gym can be reached easily by bus or car. It contains all the latest gym facilities which are good for your muscles. There is also a lounge area where you can relax and enjoy some healthy drinks. The fitness trainers are highly professional and can speak in both English and Dutch languages.

So that you have now got the various options of travelers’ gym, don’t think much when you are in Amsterdam.

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