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Top 5: The countries to discover in America in 2016

Top 5 The countries to discover in America in 2016

America is full of landscapes just as breathtaking as they are heavenly. Besides the classic trip to New York, here are the five destinations to discover in America, far from the tourist circuits, in the heart of fabulous surprises.

1. United States National Parks

The National Park Service in the United States celebrates 100 years this year. The opportunity for him to invest several billion dollars in initiatives and projects around these jewels of nature. Cleaning trails, new technologies, setting up discovery operations, better accessibility to the sites … A good reason to go to survey these fabulous landscapes to the subjugating lagoons and the mountains alternating between aridity and fiery forests. While crossing these world-famous parks, you will also have the opportunity to admire animal species that are among the most protected. A wild parenthesis and a change of scenery at the heart of 340,000 km2 of national parks.

2. Uruguay

Far from the bustle of Brazil, Uruguay offers an equally flamboyant territory of greenery and breathtaking landscapes. In a soothing and hospitable universe, this small country stands out for its tranquility: it is far from the beaches crowded with tourists. Politically stable, Uruguay is also the way to discover Latin America in a safer context. Beaches of dreams, shimmering mountains and typical cuisine, this country of 3.4 million inhabitants offers nice stays in the heart of a rich and welcoming civilization.

3. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a still very little explored destination in Latin America. And yet, this country pulling from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, offers a singular diversity of landscapes. From volcanoes, to arid mountains, to dense forests and greenery through paradise beaches … It offers a multitude of possibilities from the most sporting to the most relaxing trips. The population is discreet and epicurean. An atmosphere that will delight travelers in lack of friendliness and nature.

4. Peru

Like many countries in Latin America, Peru offers a wildly green nature and extraordinary landscapes under a hot sun. It is also the advantage of a very accessible life. The prices are very low and the fruits abundant. In addition to the sublime Machu Picchu which is no longer necessary to boast the impressive beauty, many hikes and other adventures more urban waiting for any tourist curious to discover this country. From the Amazon to the Andes, from the most remote villages to the tree-lined streets, Peru is the territory of both architectural and natural diversity.

5. Belize

Belize, despite its persistent poverty, is one of America’s still unassuming gems. At the crossroads of Mayan cultures, Mestizos or Creoles, this small country was built on the foundations of eclecticism of the most amazing. Tropical forests, turquoise sea with generous coral reefs, Mayan ruins … Many assets for this country with authentic charm. Its dive sites will delight lovers of the seabed. Its green paths will excite hikers. As for travelers who enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the world, Belize is home to corners of paradise in the heart of the Caribbean.

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