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Top 7 Tips To Sail Around St. Barts

Top 7 Tips To Sail Around St. Barts

If you have been planning a vacation to some place that will feel like heaven on earth, with a lot of beautiful nature to explore along with the benefits of exploring it via modern technology, then St. Barts is where you need to be in.

From exotic beaches, to the world most exclusive shopping brands, you will find everything and much more in St. Barts. There is just so much to explore and a lot to enjoy that one can never get bored. If you are planing on going somewhere on your honeymoon or just family recreation, then this will be the perfect destination for you.

Marine Park:

If you love nature, then the perfect thing to do would be to visit the marine park. The locals have made a lot of effort to preserve and take care of the local marine habitat so that with all the touring and things like that, the natural beauty and elements of the marine life do not get exploited. You can still enjoy underwater marine life by booking a diving trip.


As far as residence is concerned, there are a lot of options in St. Barts. There are hotels that are super luxurious and glamorous, and you can book a hotel room for some days and choose that option. However, if you want a place of your own, a lot of privacy, then you can rent out St. Barts villas. When it comes to villas there is the option of choosing the hillside villas or the beach side villas. Whatever meets your fancy.  Also, for better discounts on St. Barts villas, you should avoid the height of tourist seasons.

Sailing and boating:

Perhaps one of the most important and fun things to enjoy in St. Barts is the sailing part. Yes, there are boats as well, and you can rent out a yacht all by yourself if you have the talent to do so. You can also join the Yacht club and enjoy life sailing for a couple of days. There are different harbors that you can stop and spend a night on, but be careful of not taking the yacht trip to an overnight one.


You can sail around the whole island and come back to the shore to dine at the number of fine dining restaurants that are on the beach or on the hillside, that offers you a great view of the beach.

Sports activities:

There are a lot of sports that you can indulge in. There is the beach volleyball game in which you can include the locals, to have more fun. The hotels also provide the option for you to play tennis in the hotel sports section.

Submarine trips:
Love the underwater exploration? Well, book yourself a submarine trip and enjoy looking at the marine life up close.

Water sports:
There are a lot of sports like kite surfing, sailing, wind surfing that you can book in the island.

Hiking in St. Barts

If you love to explore, then there are tons of hiking sites all over the island.

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