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Everything You Need To Know While Working With A 4wd Hire Company

Everything You Need To Know While Working With A 4wd Hire Company

So, it turns out that all of your friends have gathered together for an epic trip. What’s even more interesting is the fact that it will be a road trip! However, none of your friends have brought their cars and yours would not be able to fit all of them together. Don’t worry! Your nearby 4wd hire company will help you get the cars you need for your trip. Isn’t that a cool way to get going? You don’t have to risk your own car, you get to choose new cars from their fleet and you can hire the car for days at a stretch.

Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring A 4wd

Overall, it may seem like a simple car rental service from a 4wd hire company but there are lots of key points that you have to keep in mind while hiring these cars. Renting a car is always cost-effective. You don’t have to wait for taxis or public transport on the trip. Moreover, since it is a self-drive trip, you are more likely to stop in unexplored areas. But, before all this happens, let’s take a look at the key factors of hiring a 4wd:

  • Limit the number of drivers – be it a getaway with friends or a family trip, it would be wise to limit the number of drivers to just two. Firstly, a 4wd hire company will inform you that the age limit to hire these cars is 25. Secondly, the rental works on a basis of how many people are able to drive. If you don’t want to spend too much on the rental, try not to have too many people driving the car.
  • Rentals would cost more if the driver is less than 25 years – it doesn’t matter if you have a driving record that is clean as a whistle. 4wd hire companies have a strict rule of charging extra if anyone who is less than 25 years old is in charge of driving their car. There will be a daily fee added to the base rental fee. Even if he/she is not driving the car, as long as their name is on the list of an extra driver, there will be an added fee levied.
  • Avoid off-road activities – off-road does not mean you will take the car for mud running. There are times when you visit an exotic location with a 4wd car on hire and find that there is a stunning location that does not have a proper road laid out. You decide on going anyway and that can lead to hefty penalties. Even tailgating on some grassy land is considered under off-road activities. It would be a violation of the rental agreement and there will be extra charges for it. Additionally, you will have to pay for the cleaning charges of the car as well.
  • Fill up the tank and cut down the extras – there are various additional amenities offered by the 4wd hire companies. GPS systems, satellite radio, baby seats are some of the most common facilities that you will find. But, they all come at a price. You wouldn’t want to pay another couple of hundred bucks just to use them when you have your own mobile phone for GPS navigation, a small radio that can do the job for the trip and baby seats at home that you can carry easily.

Apart from cutting down these extra costs, you should also fill up the tank before returning the car. It is possible to return a car with an almost empty tank but the rental company would charge almost double the amount for filling the gas per gallon. So, you can cut some slack and afford to spend 10 or 15 minutes to fill up the gas tank while returning. 

Why Opt For A 4wd Hire?

Although there a few extra regulations for 4wd hire, you would not be able to do away with it because they come in handy when you don’t have a car around. Otherwise, no car rental company would let you hire their car when the roads are covered with snow and you have to reach your home by evening. It is a 4wd hire company that will allow this kind of service and albeit their regulations, they are a life-saver.

Most importantly, why would you want to put your car at risk in such a situation? When you have the comfort of a new car, a pocket-friendly rental fee, and a long drive, it is best to keep your car in the garage and try something new. 4wd hire has become so popular that people have stopped investing in cars. You don’t need a car regularly, right? So, why not hire a 4wd and save thousands of bucks that you otherwise would have spent on buying a brand new car!

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