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Finest hotel in town-Ramada Plaza

Finest hotel in town-Ramada Plaza

Ramada Plaza is a multispecialty hotel in Malacca city. It is one of the finest hotels as it provides luxury along with affordability. So before going for further details, do checkout the latest Malacca hotel price (best deals). The hotel has a spectacular view from the outside as well as from the inside. It is built beautifully which resembles traditional and modern culture.

Club facilities

There is a luxurious club available in Ramada Plaza, which offers numerous club facilities. We offer breakfast every morning and tea or coffee anytime. There is an evening breakfast every day. We provide complimentary pressing of your dresses under club facilities. We facilitate you to use the club floor boardroom for an hour.

Recreation facilities

We provide you with many other facilities, which can be utilized to relax or spend on your own time. There is a 9 feet deep pool available for everyone. Considering kid’s safety there is Children’s pool. Kids can play and swim there anytime with the safeguards all around. For people who do not want to lose their regular exercise, there is a fitness center in the hotel. It is open in particular hours for people who wish to work out. There is a garden for older people as well as for kids. We offer these facilities without charging too much. The added expense is very small compared to other hotels. Therefore everyone enjoys spending his or her time at these facilities. Check in at 3pm, check out at 12 pm at Ramada Plaza, and do not forget to check out the latest Malacca hotel price. You can easily get access to quick reservation online.

Event rooms

We aim to provide remarkable event experience to our customers. Therefore, we provide hall and rooms for every event possible. There are rooms available for meetings, conferences, Indoor parties, as well as outdoor parties. It has a Majestic hall for meetings and conferences having an area of 6400 square foot, which can fill almost thousand people comfortably. Our conference room has the latest model technology for visual equipment and audio devices. We have a banquet team, which is always ready to support in all the events. Even our function areas are provided with high-speed internet.


Ramada Plaza offers a large variety of buffet and dish varieties. We provide extremely hygienic and delicious food cooked in an even more hygienic kitchen. We are creative enough to cater for any occasion whether it is for parties or for a wedding. Our culinary team is experienced enough to create a menu that is irresistible to taste. Apart from our fixed menus, we are always glad to cook food on people’s demand for some special occasion. In addition, the pricing of food is not at all expensive. It is definitely a service whose worth more than its cost. You would be glad to check out the latest Malacca hotel price, as it is extremely low if you do online reservations.The food offer is very affordable and that is the reason our hotel is loved by customers.

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