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Is Your Mantra Go Big Or Go Home? Then This XL Map Is Stuff of Your Dreams

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Are you someone who is always attracted to the biggest things out there? Someone who always seems to order the XL version of everything (except clothes, of course) from tables to beds. Do like to look and know the largest things in the world. Does your travel itinerary includes things such as oversized silver dog in Denver or large flying bowling pins in Netherlands? Then isn’t it only fair that your travel map also be XL?

Scratch Map XL For Lovers of Oversized Things: Luckies of London, after introducing the world to the coolness of scratch maps in 2009, continued on their mission to make life of every traveller more fun and simple. A traveller without a scratch off map to track ones travels is like owning a smart phone without any data wireless connection. Scratch Map XL is the dream travel map for the people who like to knock it out of park. It is a large map of the world with its size of 84 x 119 cm. An A0 size frame will be perfect to mount it or you can hang it as it is anywhere.

  • Gold Foil For A Touch of Class: This scratch off map is made on a white glossy paper with gold coloured foil covering the countries. This adds a touch of sophistication to the travel map.
  • Vibrant Colours Underneath: Once you scratch off the top gold foil to display your escapades around the world in search of larger than life things, you will discover happy shades of red, green, purple, blue, yellow and orange.
  • Interesting Facts to Keep You Entertained: No map by Luckies of London is just a plain map, at the bottom of this large map of the world you will find interesting facts about important places and you can also scratch them off.
  • Demarcation By State Lines: USA and Australia are separated by state lines along with provincial boundaries of Canada. The boundaries between the countries are well defined, ensuring that there are no mistakes when scratching.
  • Large Map of The World Means More Details: Once you scratch the top layer off, you will uncover geographical details on the map along with capital cities from all over the globe. Because of its size, even the tinier islands are marked accurately so that your travel history is completely visible on one map.

Author Bio: Colt Holt Bluth owns his own furniture making company and usually plans his vacations around things which are unique.

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