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Take The Leh Ladakh Road Trip to Get an Experience of a Life Time

Take The Leh Ladakh Road Trip to Get an Experience of a Life Time

Leh Ladakh road trip is one of the most talked about road trips. It ranks amongst some of the top sought-after road trips in India. Of course you can a flight from Srinagar or Delhi and land at Leh. But taking a road route from these places to Leh also would be an exciting idea. Taking this road trip you will get an experience of a life time. This is because at every kilometer of travel you can get to see some jaw dropping sights. Taking a flight, you are missing out on this enthralling experience. So choose wisely and allow yourself this thrill once in a lifetime.

Traveling at an altitude of about 11500ft above sea level the LehLadakh road trip can be clubbed to be a dream excursion. Even the solo traveler will not feel lonely such is the charm of this Ladakh region.Yes, when you are on this road trip you can have your own itinerary and stay in any spot as much as you like and wish to. You may not have to bother about your flight or train bookings to catch up. You will be spoilt for choice when you come here. You have so much to see and do that you will not know what to do and what not.

You have two roads that can take you to Ladakh. One is from Srinagar to Leh and another Manali to Leh. You can witness all that have come to see while going through these roads from monasteries, steep curves, narrow roads, snow peaked Himalayan Range, the Karakoram Range and many more spots that seem to be out of the surreal but are. These stunning surrounding views have already stunned you, on top of that it will be a challenge for you to pass through the rugged terrains as well as face climatic conditions that are unpredictable.

Here is a brief guide to the Leh Ladakh road trip.

You can either start from Srinagar or Manali. Usually the bikers prefer the latter one as it takes only a day to reach Leh via this route. Over and above that a thrilling experience is awaiting you on this road route where you encompass the dangers amidst some gorgeous spots of nature.

These road trips are best taken between May and October. Usually the Srinagar route is open by mid may while that from Manali that goes through the Rohtang Pass is open only after May. Start early so as not to get stuck in traffic as many take this route during the vacations.

You can camp anywhere between Tandi and Pang Like Jispa or Keylong or Sarchu while going to Leh via Manali. Those taking the Srinagar route have the choice for camping at places between Drass and Sham Valley that includes, Kargil Shargol and Tingmosgang.

You would have travelled 476 km if you started from Manali to Lehbut only 434 kmwhen starting from Srinagar. You have plenty of eateries on both the routes like at Marhi, Sissu in the former and Songamard and Mulbekh among others on the latter.

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