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The Advantages of Booking a Walking Holiday and How to Pick a Specialised Travel Agency

The Advantages of Booking a Walking Holiday and How to Pick a Specialised Travel Agency

We’ve all seen the wonderfully choreographed vacation ads – you know, the ones that feature happy families, immaculate hotel resorts, gorgeous beaches, and exhilarating tours. However, it’s important to note that these highly publicised destinations almost always fail to deliver on their promises.

More often than not, today’s travellers find themselves trapped in sweaty busses; waiting in long lines; paying over-the-top for less-than-stellar accommodations; and most significantly, feeling increasingly stressed out with each passing day.

However, if you take the time to partner with a reputable travel agency and schedule a bespoke walking holiday, you’ll be able to greatly enhance your next getaway and finally experience a truly fulfilling, enjoyable vacation without tearing a hole in your wallet (or your mind).

The Benefits of Modernised Walking Holidays

As the foremost alternative to over-publicised, overpriced vacation plans, a contemporary walking holiday can deliver the following advantages:

  • Cost-Effective Sightseeing: With a wide range of tailor-made itineraries at your disposal – including treks through England, Finland, Scotland, France, Portugal, and countless other hotspots – you’ll be able to see all of the most alluring attractions, historical sites, villages, and magnetisms without having to fork over a fortune. Your specialised travel agency will account for all of the accommodations, necessities, and inclusions throughout the expedition.
  • Reprieve for the Body and Mind: Based on several recent environmental research initiatives, spending prolonged periods of time in outdoor settings has been proven to decrease stress levels, mitigate bouts of anxiety, and considerably increase the production of serotonin, which effectively augments your mood and encourages relaxation. This is why walking holidays are often referred to as the most therapeutic vacation option in today’s day and age.
  • Cultural Immersion: Far too many people waste their time off on shopping, watching movies, and visiting nightclubs, which defeats the entire purpose of an international sightseeing journey. Although today’s walking holiday programmes allocate time for these types of jaunts, the primary focus is to immerse yourself in an alternative culture by going off the beaten path and into the most sought-after niches of your destination.

As you can see by now, a walking holiday represents an incredible way to enrich your vacation plans, but you’ll have to take the time to ascertain a trustworthy, knowledgeable travel agency before booking your trip.

How to Pick a Fantastic Travel Expert

If you visit the website of a renowned walking holiday organiser – such as – you’ll see that these travel mavens are able to provide a comprehensive service, which can include the following:

  • Family owned and operated.
  • 100% financial protection throughout the duration of your booking.
  • Approved and endorsed by the ABTA regulatory organisation.
  • Wide range of integrated tour options throughout the most popular destinations in Northern, Eastern, Western, and Southern Europe.
  • Inclusive travel packages that include highly-rated accommodation reservations, accessible conveyance solutions, information packs, route books, up-to-date maps, ferry tickets, optional travel insurance, and robust on-demand support throughout your trek.
  • Far-reaching itineraries with a wide range of difficulty levels, durations, and courses to suit your preferences.

With a resourceful, time-tested travel organisation on your side, you’ll be able to confidently (and affordably) schedule an amazing walking tour irrespective of your group size or target destination, so be sure to reach out for a personalised consultation as soon as possible. An exciting adventure is right around the corner!

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