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The Satluj; A Life Line Of Himachal & Punjab

A Life Line Of Himachal & Punjab

In India, it is believed that the other name of ‘water’ is ‘life.’ Rivers have always supported life and civilizations to thrive.The mightiest breeds of mankindhave come to existence and prospered on this planet only because it is gifted with some life bestowing rivers. The resilient water bodies have been witness to the rise and fall of empire. Himachal Pradesh and Punjab is full of tourist spots. There are lots of tour and travel service provider in India who offers best deals to tourists.

Particularly, River Satluj has a lot of stories to tell. The stories of great valor, of mighty warriors who made their enemies to bite dust or stood strong on their ground until the last breath, of heroes who make the history of India and much more… It is the river that witnessed the birth of KhalsaPanth and the great leaders like Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Govind Singh who showed new path of growth and spirituality to mankind. Truly, the Satluj has been the lifeline of Himachal and Punjab.

Now when travelers visit these traveling destinations, the Satluj greets them with its gurgling water. Families create memories, indulge in water sports and rejuvenate themselves with the soothing and therapeutic vibrations on the river beds.

The Satluj : A Prime Boost For TheTourism Industry

Apart from the historical significance, River Satluj also has the most picturesque view that has made the land around it the most favored spot for the tourism industry to set foot. The pristine and unadulterated purity of nature makes it ideal to set up a riverside farmhouse at the bank of Satluj. Many properties belonging to the hospitality industry right from budget hotels, home stays to even luxury resorts have been established on its banks.

The foothills of the Himalays, by the river Satluj, makes up for an ideal holiday spot for lone travelers or people travelling with friends and families alike. Eventhe tourism industry has left no stone unturned to make sure that these spots emerge to be major crowd pullers. They have planned the best resorts that are mindfully landscaped to bring the best of the natural resources to use. These resorts also have provision for a number of adventure sports and other related activities thatattract youngsters to these places.

Riverside Farmhouses Make It A Perfect Heaven For The Tourists

Nestled in the arms of the lofty Himalays, the river water is found to be at its purest form. The crystal clear water almost makes it possible to view the stones that make the river bed. Many farmhouses such as Ananda @ The Satluj have paved the path with these stones to create a perfect stretch for foot walk that lead to the banks of the river. Just walk barefooted on these stones and get healed by the acupressure created by them on the sole of your feet. Sit by the river and recite verses from Tennyson’s ‘The Brook’s Song’ – ‘men may come and men may go; but I go on forever.’ It will give you a feel of the eternity and make you feel the power and strength of the life air within us.Take a deep breath of the fresh air – feel blessed.

The riverside farmhouses also give you an opportunity to experience the opulence of the organic rural life. Take a tour of the farmlands, the muddy pathways, the temples and the Gurdwaras to get the spiritual vibes. There are a lot of awe inspiring stories of the past that will inspire you. If you get to visit any riverside farmhouse on the banks of River Satluj, do go by any ‘list of places to visit.’ Let the river be your tour guide. You will not only discover a new land, but will also rediscover yourself.

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